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Pozio Shield - Block & Talk Mini

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Love your smart assistant. Love your privacy. No problem. Shield Block and Talk is always blocking until your say so. Say "Pozio Stop", give your smart assistant a command and your speaker will respond. After 30 seconds Pozio goes back to blocking mode and your privacy is protected.


Use your smart speaker when you want, block it from listening when you don't. The Shield listening blocker prevents your mini size smart speaker from hearing your conversations and those annoying times it accidentally activates when it's not supposed to. Whether it's on your nightstand, in your office, or in the living room while watching TV, rest assured your smart speaker won't hear a thing. 

Listening blocker technology: A subaudible sound blocks your smart speaker from hearing your conversations. Pets can't hear it! 

Voice interaction: When you want to use your speaker, say "Pozio stop", then use your speaker as usual. Pozio will automatically start blocking after 30 seconds. 

Manual ON/OFF switch: Press the button on the top of Pozio if you'd like to stop blocking for an extended period of time.

Specs & Compatibility

Pozio offers two sizes to accommodate mini and full size speakers. This product fits full size speakers. Compare these specs to the size of your device to determine which size Shield you should get.

Shield Block & Talk
Shield Block & Talk Mini
Size140H x 165W x 86H
110H x 165W x 86H
ConnectionShield does not connect to the internet to protect your privacy.Shield does not connect to the internet to protect your privacy.
Included in boxShield listening blocker, power adapter, and Quick Start GuideShield Mini listening blocker, power adapter, and Quick Start Guide
  • Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen).
  • Amazon Echo Studio
  • Amazon Echo Dot 2, 3
  • Google Home Mini
  • Google Nest Mini

Not compatible with your device?

Send us a message with the name of your device and we will update you when we have a product that works for you.

Does my Pozio device need a Wi-Fi connection?

No, our devices do not use Wi-Fi. Because our devices are not connected to the internet, we can't store any of your data. This is how we ensure that your privacy is protected.

Are there any additional fees to Pozio products?

No, there are no additional fees or subscription costs to Pozio devices.

Does my smart device need to be synced with Pozio?

No, there is no integration required. There is no app, no syncing, and no internet connection. Just plug it in, and it automatically starts blocking.

Do Pozio products store my data?

No, our devices do not store any data, and are not connected to the internet. 

Can my smart devices play music while inside Pozio products?

Yes, there is no need to worry about interference with outgoing audio on your smart devices. Our products seamlessly work with your smart devices, and allow you to use your smart devices as intended. 

Do I need to update my Pozio devices?

There is no need to update your Pozio, the listening blocking technology is built into your device.